Redefining your Insurance experience

Redefining your insurance experience

AI-driven insurance solutions to guarantee you peace of mind. Built on trust & transparency.

AI-driven insurance solutions to guarantee you peace of mind. Built on trust & transparency.


100% Data Driven

Powered by AI and Machine Learning to innovate products and services.


Maximum Security

Highest data security standards guaranteed.



Unbiased approach, backed by AI and insurance experts.


Automate insurance policy management

Get access to a personalised Insurance Portfolio. Effortlessly manage and share your and your family's insurance.


Ensure 100% coverage, nothing less

Use CoverPro, our Risk Analyzer Tool to get a personalised report and understand whether your existing insurance coverage is less, more or just perfect.


Discover the hidden truth

Get insights on your insurance policies in simple english. Know what's great, what's not great. Read our Pro Tip to understand the usefulness of your policy.

Stay insured always

Our AI systems keep a track of your insurance renewals to ensure continuous coverage.


Renew your insurance policies seamlessly

Share access to insurance policies with your family

Uncover FREE insurance that you might already have

Expert claims assistance during emergency

Why CoverSure?

We take insurance matters quite seriously. No compromise when it comes to your peace of mind.




Bridging the protection gap


No salespeople = No spam

Your top of mind questions

CoverSure is an AI-first InsurTech platform that redefines your insurance experience by making it simple, engaging, and personalised.

Yes, absolutely. You can use the CoverSure app for free.

You can download the CoverSure app via iOS or Google Play store.

With CoverSure, you can manage all types of insurance policies including health insurance, life insurance, motor insurance and a lot more.

The CoverSure app uses AI & ML to offer you comprehensive insurance solutions. All you need to do is login using your mobile number and our AI will take care of everything else. You can get started with us by building your first ever insurance portfolio.